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The Problem Solvers Cable Doubler 1:2 allows one brake lever to operate two brakes.

Product Uses:
The Cable Doubler 1:2 was designed to be used anytime there is a need for one brake lever to operate two brakes. Potential applications include special bike setups for the physically challenged with the use of only one hand. Tandems could have one rear brake lever run to two rear brakes for better stopping power. A Cyclocross bike could be setup with a left front lever operating both brakes to maintain brake control while jumping on and off the bike. Quadcycles requiring brakes on all four wheels could be easily set up with each brake lever operating two brakes. There are numerous other urban or city bike set ups that could benefit from one lever running two brakes.
At Problem Solvers, we keep your options open.

The Cable Doubler 1:2 works for cable operated brakes: calipers, cantilevers, V-brakes, drums or cable disc brakes. It works with road and mountain applications.

Technical details:

Low profile machined aluminum tube hard anodised with Teflon allows low friction movement of the internal slider piece.
End caps and internal pieces are machined
Set up requires three standard cables (at least two road cables) and housing. Cable type is dependent on application.
Installs easily with common tools including a cable and housing cutter, a 2mm Allen wrench for the set screw in the internal sliding part, light grease, and optional zip-ties.

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