Due to the summer months, June – September, we are often very busy and unable to accept bikes for repair without an advance booking. Please phone/check in advance before bringing your bike in.

We’re a member of the Association of Cycle Traders and or services are carried out to the highest standards. We’re a CyTech accredited shop so you can bring your bike to us knowing that it will be well looked after.

Basic Service – ideal if you’re getting a bike out of the shed after the winter or if you’ve been riding a lot and need a tune up!

Assuming your bicycle has cable (not hydraulic) brakes, then the cost is around £40 depending on the type of cables. We’ll do the following:

1. Change the brake inner cables – sometimes they can appear perfect but be quite rusty inside the outer cable;

2. Adjust the brakes to make sure that you can stop. If the brake blocks/pads need changing these start at £4.50 a pair. Disc brake pads can be more expensive and sometimes we’ll need to order these in;

3. Check and re-torque (tighten) all safety critical bolts;

4. Adjust the bottom bracket bearing if necessary (the bearing between the pedal arms). If it’s worn beyond adjustment we’ll tell you when you leave the bike with us. A sealed bearing replacement will start about £25 including parts;

5. Check and adjust the gears;

6. Check and adjust the wheel bearings;

7. Check and adjust the headset bearings (these are what you use to steer the bike);

8. Check the wheels are true and make any minor adjustments if necessary. Any big adjustments and wheel rebuilds will be extra;

9. Check and pump up the tyres.

Any other repairs will be extra, but we’ll always let you know before we do any extra work.

Hydraulic brakes will be extra if we have to bleed the system or replace fluid – which is recommended at regular intervals.

We offer silver and gold levels of service – which can be a complete strip and rebuild of all the moving components. The cost will vary depending on the type of bike.

Minor Repairs

We typically make these charges for minor repairs:

Puncture – replacement inner tube – £7.50 plus price of tube (most tubes are about £5-£7)

Re-true wheel £10 – £15 depending on work.

Single cable replacement £10 plus cost of the cable.

We usually charge about £10 for replacing or fitting components depending on the components or parts.