Frog Bike Christmas

We keep most sizes in stock so you can check the size before you buy.

Bikes are usually ready for collection a few days after you order (and they are fully built and checked – ready to ride).

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Jorvik Electric Tricycles

Jorvik Tricycles supply a wide range of conventional and electric tricycles. There’s a wide range of colours available and a selection of wheel sizes, 20″, 24″ and 26″.

We’ll aim to have a couple of trikes in stock all the time as demonstration models.

Give us a call and try one out.

Restored Vintage Bikes

Have a look at some of the restored vintage bikes we have in stock. Here’s the details on one of them – the Wainwright I!!


We’ve also currently got a fantastic looking Eddie Mercx in grey and yellow, along with a classic Raliegh bike.


We’re starting to see prices rises from our suppliers of around 10% due to the fall in Sterling against the US dollar. We’ll do our best to keep our prices as competitive as possible, but inevitably there will be some price rises.

At the moment none of the increases have affected parts and accessories so if you need any parts, tyres or wheels, now is the time to buy them.

Damaged D-TOX Stunt Scooters

We’ve got a few Damaged D-Tox scooters in stock. These are superb stunt scooters – well made and capable of taking riders up to 100kg.

We’ve only got a couple of these left in stock so call in and grab a bargain. RRP is £119.99 we’re selling these for £80 – which is cheaper than Amazon!!


About Damaged scooters:

Built from the ground up

We are not just another scooter brand – we are the brand that has been built on design expertise grown from many creative years in the BMX Freestyle production world.
We are the Pro brand for street and park riders with specifications and geometries built to match your style.
We understand what serious riders expect – like our factory team engineered “Nyfan” forged alloy forks and tough clamps with inner sleeved pinch bolts for extra stability.
We have the scooter range that incorporates Aviation grade 5mm alloy concave decks, flex fender brakes and exclusive, purpose engineered, Integrated Compression Headsets for ultimate control and handling.

Electric Bikes in Healthcare

Electric Bikes in Healthcare


As we look progressively at how we can make a real change to our lives for the better, cycling is widely recognised by healthcare professionals as a greatway to transformourselvesand our lifestyle. Not only is it a way to stay fit, it is also a money saving solution to increasing car costs and fuel price rises. For those who want to make a commitment to changeand want to make promisesthat they can live up to, the electric bike is a big step towards a real improvement in quality of life. People are sometimes mistaken that electric bikes are aimed at enticing current cyclists away from regular bikes, but they are actually to give people who rarely cycle the impulse to do so far more regularly. Surgeries in the UK are catching on to the benefits of offering electric bikes to patients and staff.

Schemes to loan e-bikes to patients for a period of around two weeks are already in place at some medical practices. This allowspeople to re-discover their love of cycling without being daunted by the prospect of heavy exercise. By using e-bikes, people can build up the amount of exercise they do over time, as they are in control, how much effort you put in. E-bikes greatly reduce the risk of over-exertion in a workout.

Seeing bikes as a leisurely activity that can be easily incorporated into day to day trips to the shops or bike rides around townmakes it much more enticing: almost exercise in disguise. Studies show that e-bike users cycle further and more frequently than owners of regular bicycles and they gain moderate exercise, in line with the recommendation of 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times each week. After the trial,the hope is patients feel far more comfortable at the prospect of cycling regularly, and that they invest in their own bicycle or e-bike. Caythorpe & Ancaster Medical Practice state that they “are committed to initiatives that lead to our patients taking regular and appropriate exercise” in regards to their own electric bikeschemethat they have had in place for three years.

We spoke to Doctor Antony Watts about its success:“All the patients and staff loved it. The bikes are all pedal assist so the harder you pedal the more assistance you get, which is great as each person got a good workout but was still using less energy. They are great for everyone: people with arthritis, people with weight problems and people who have not cycled for a long time, with the step through frame making it easy to use. Quite a few of our patients and staff have gone on to buy e-bikes and some normal bikes after using ours, which is precisely what we want from the scheme: a commitment to exercise that’s easy to keep.”

Dr Julian Orton has also recently written about the benefits of GPs using e-bikes forhome visits and commuting, stating that cycling will “provide a talking point, if not an inspiring example, for your patients.” Dr Orton talks of savings in fuel, reducing his carbon footprint, making tax savings on the e-bike and the e-bike enabling him to carry out most home visits by cycling.

New website is live

We’ve got a new website. It should be a bit friendlier than the old one and be optimised for most devices.

If you spot any problems please let us know.

Sutton Coldfield Town Centre Craft Market

We had a great time on Saturday 7th May at the Craft Market on the Parade in Sutton Coldfield. We were there with our friends from Bike North Birmingham Community Cycling

Craft fair 7 May 2016

See the link on Facebook:

Electric Bikes and Throttles

Electric Bikes and Throttles

Throttle law in the UK changed on January the first 2016. New electric bikes arriving into the country after that date must comply with the new regs. The new regulations require that over 4mph you must be pedalling for the electric assistance to work.

However, ebikes already in stock before that date can still be sold with the throttle. If you are looking for an electric bike with the throttle function do ask us if we can get a 2015 model.

Many suppliers are now running out of stock.

Electric Bikes and the Law

The law regarding electric bikes is somewhat confusing and sometimes a little blurred. Currently the law in the UK is different to that in the EU but some aspects are the same.

The minimum riding age is 14

The bike must weigh less than 40kg (60kg for trikes)

Speed must be restricted to 15.5 mph (25 kph)

Maximum continuous motor output 200/250 W

EN 15194 is the official standard for electric bikes in the EU. We understand that at some point the UK is likely to align with the EU but currently there is no fixed date for this to happen.

Electric bicycles conforming to the UK law and purchased before the change will still be legal in the UK. Batribike Electric Bicycles conform to EN 15194

Throttles that operate without the pedals being turned and therefore being able to be ridden on power alone are not legal in the EU but can be used in the UK.

Throttles that operate whilst the pedals are turning and are only used to regulate the power are legal in the UK and the EU.

Electric bikes do NOT require an MOT, road tax or a licence.

Batribike Electric Bikes

Full speed throttle

Batribike Granite and Diamond bikes are still 2015 models, which means they have the full 15mph throttle control. There is still a reasonable stock of these bikes with Batribike, but hurry before they run out.