Trikes and Bikes are stockists for leading brands of electric bikes.

Electric bikes are great fun and if that’s not a good enough reason to get one here’s some more!!!

An electric bike is an ordinary bike with the option of an electric motor to help you. You don’t have to use the motor all the time or you can use it just to get home.

Save Money!! An e-bike can save you money. It costs about 10p to fully charge a battery and will take you over 30 miles.

Clean Green Energy!! If thoughts of global warming leave you cold, consider this: Compared to a car, moped or motorcycle, an electric bike provides a clean, green, no-petrol transportation alternative. Electric bikes typically consume fuel at an average rate of 100 to 150 watts of electrical energy compared to 15,000 or so for a car.

Go further on your bike. Many of our customers have told us that having an e-bike has given them confidence to go on longer rides knowing that if it’s a bit hillier than you expected you’ve still got the help of the motor on the way home.

E-bikes will help you to keep up with your friends on hills and help you to cover a few more miles.

Another reason to choose an electric bike is if you’re recovering from something that has reduced your fitness or maybe you’ve just lost a bit of fitness over the years and you want to start riding again.

If you’re thinking of commuting to work here’s a thought: In many countries most people who commute by bike do so in there everyday clothes. What’s important in the morning is the “door to desk” time. With an e-bike you can use the assistance to get to work in the morning without the need to change out of your cycling clothes at work. On the way home why not turn down the power and have a bit of a workout.

Unlike other forms of motorized transportation, electric bikes don’t require registration, licence plates, or insurance. If you’re over 14 years, all you need is a belief in the age-old adage that “getting there is half the fun!”

We’re now stocking six different electric bike brands. These are Batribike, Juicy, Roodog, Freego and the Pulse range from EBCO.

We’ve just taken on the Jorvik Tricycles brand of electric trikes, trikes and folding trikes.

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