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Jorvik Electric Tricycles

Jorvik Tricycles supply a wide range of conventional and electric tricycles. There’s a wide range of colours available and a selection of wheel sizes, 20″, 24″ and 26″. We’ll aim to have a couple of trikes in stock all the

Restored Vintage Bikes

Have a look at some of the restored vintage bikes we have in stock. Here’s the details on one of them – the Wainwright I!! tab-wainwright-1-profile We’ve also currently got a fantastic looking Eddie Mercx in grey and yellow, along


We’re starting to see prices rises from our suppliers of around 10% due to the fall in Sterling against the US dollar. We’ll do our best to keep our prices as competitive as possible, but inevitably there will be some

Damaged D-TOX Stunt Scooters

We’ve got a few Damaged D-Tox scooters in stock. These are superb stunt scooters – well made and capable of taking riders up to 100kg. We’ve only got a couple of these left in stock so call in and grab

Electric Bikes in Healthcare

Electric Bikes in Healthcare As we look progressively at how we can make a real change to our lives for the better, cycling is widely recognised by healthcare professionals as a greatway to transformourselvesand our lifestyle. Not only is it

New website is live

We’ve got a new website. It should be a bit friendlier than the old one and be optimised for most devices. If you spot any problems please let us know.

Sutton Coldfield Town Centre Craft Market

We had a great time on Saturday 7th May at the Craft Market on the Parade in Sutton Coldfield. We were there with our friends from Bike North Birmingham Community Cycling See the link on Facebook:

Electric Bikes and Throttles

Electric Bikes and Throttles Throttle law in the UK changed on January the first 2016. New electric bikes arriving into the country after that date must comply with the new regs. The new regulations require that over 4mph you must

Batribike Electric Bikes

Full speed throttle Batribike Granite and Diamond bikes are still 2015 models, which means they have the full 15mph throttle control. There is still a reasonable stock of these bikes with Batribike, but hurry before they run out.