We stock good quality new bikes from a range of UK based suppliers – you will recognise some of the more traditional names in cycling such and Dawes, Claude Butler and Viking. The other ranges we stock are all designed to be easy and comfortable to ride.

Our choice in childrens bikes reflects the need for light, simple and high quality bikes to make as easier as possible to cycle. Many bikes we’ve seen are far too heavy and massively over complicated – which means they don’t get ridden and are left to rust!

Because we work closely with the ReUsers and manage their refurbishment programme there’s always a wide selection of second hand bikes available on site.

We stock a wide range of parts and accessories. There’s usually a good price on our helmets and inner tubes. We have a massive range of suppliers and we can order almost anything from high-end Shimano parts through to Campagnolo. We also keep our eyes peeled for bargains and often have some good deals on wheels, tyres, lights and lots of other stuff.

There’s a lot of old classic bikes around which it’s good to keep running, so we keep a good stock of quirky old school components.

We’re also working with one of our friends who has been producing fully restored vintage bikes. We’ve got 3 on display and here’s the details for one of them:



Here’s some links to our main product lines:

Batribike Electric Bikes:

A wide range of electric bikes including folders and trikes. Based in Lincolnshire the Batribike team are one of the leading e-bike manufacturers in the UK. They have a friendly efficient team and great support for local bike shops.

Juicy Electric Bikes:

Juicy Bikes are based in the Peak District and understand how much an electric bike can help with the hills. Fantastic range of bikes and funky colours.

Dawes Childrens and Touring Bikes:

Trikes and Bikes are an Academy dealer as well as being a Dawes dealer. Dawes Academy childrens bikes are excellent quality bikes and are endorsed by the British Triathlon Trust.

Frog Childrens Bikes:

Frog Bikes are a startup company who spotted a gap in the market for good quality lightweight kids bikes. With a range of colours and styles – including a whole lot of Sky branded kit you can follow your heroes in the UKs leading professional cycling team.